Chris Sancomb is a studio artist, designer and educator with an interdisciplinary practice, and broad range of professional expertise in the field of sculpture.

As a studio artist, Chris maintains a research based practice currently exploring the intersections of science and art through materials and form as a means to interpret and make visible concepts drawn from physics, cosmology and astronomy.

In the field of design, Chris has worked for 15 years creating museum exhibits for a variety of organizations. Since 2005 he has been working to create interactive hands on learning environments for children and families. Central to his practice is the belief in creating inclusive child directed experiential environments designed to support varied learning styles, promote empathy and develop creative confidence in children. Design projects include interactive water exhibits, spatial thinking, and cultural exhibits. Special projects include creating an exhibit space for NSF funded research on the cognitive development in children.

            As an educator, Chris has taught a broad range of technical and conceptually based coursework in Sculpture, as well as teaching in art and design education. Chris has also developed specialized courses in site-specific installation art in historic architecture, and organized a partnership with the MIT museum to create interdisciplinary collaborations between RISD and MIT students.